Website Development Questionnaire

Thank you for your inquiry about my website development services. Please complete the questionnaire below to help me understand the functional and design requirements of your website. Additionally, your answers will provide information regarding your budget, timeline, and other important factors to help me form the basis for a web design proposal. All of these items impact workload, timing, resources, and the total cost of the project.

These are the primary costs associated with a website.

Domain Name

Annual cost paid to a 3rd-party for the unique website name, i.e.,

Website Hosting

Annual cost paid to a 3rd-party for technology and space to display the site.

Website Design

Cost paid to a website developer to design, code, and build the website.


Ongoing updates and maintenance of the website.

Fresh Brewed Solutions Website Development Questionnaire

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Do you need a logo designed?
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If you have an existing logo, upload it in its original file size. All common image types are acceptable, i.e., .png, .jpg, .tiff, etc. Please do not resize or modify the image.
A little nugget that encapsulates a brand: M&M’s: “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands” Disneyland: “The Happiest Place on Earth” Fresh Brewed Solutions: “Serving up EXCELLENCE because it does matter!”
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Your domain name is your,, etc.
If you have an existing website, provide the URL.
List the URLs of a couple of websites that you like.
Is this a nonprofit site
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Do you have Social Media
Standard pages are Home, About, Contact. What other pages are you thinking of?
Examples: whimsical, conservative, very minimalist, faith-based.
Examples: blog, photo gallery, polls, ecommerce (donations), newsletters, testimonials
Are payments involved
Payments would involve donations, purchases, payments.